Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

StarCraft II Top 200 Statistics

The new List of the Top 200 StarCraft II Players is out. I made a graphic showing what races the player used.

Race CountPercentage
Terran 83 41.71%
Protoss 69 34.67%
Zerg 43 21.61%
Random 5 2.51%

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Data from 24-Aug-2010

As you can see no one likes to play Zerg. Since the last Top 200 List from 17-Aug-2010 where we had 24.62% Zerg the situation even got worse. It is logical to me that the Terran is the most played race since the campaign is about Terran but that should not affect the top 200 list this much.

Blizzard argues that the situation on the Asian server is very different because there are 9 Zerg in the top 20. They say if the balancing is changed in favour of Zerg would become even to strong in Asian. So they are waiting that Europe and US players learn and get better.

Balancing is a very difficult thing and I don't believe I could make it better than the master minds at Blizzard. Still I want to mention that even on the Asian Top 200 there are only 25.63% Zerg but 37.69% Terran. So yes they have some good Zerg players but the imbalance is visible even in Asia.

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