Mittwoch, 16. April 2008

Meebo URL /me Bug

I found a bug on the IM page meebo. If you enter a URL into the chat it is convertet to a link, but sometimes this link i broken. I found out that the string "/me" was removed from the href while still the correct URL is displayed. My first guess was that the string was accepted as the ICQ chat command /me to express actions and emotions. It first apeared with a link to a newspage:

The strange thing: The "/me" string wasn't always remove, just for some special adresses.

I started some test:

http://me worked
http://basd/me-bla worked
http://blabssla--/meldung worked
http://blabla--/me bug!
http://blabla--/meldung bug again! worked
mh... maybe something with the position?
http://a--/me worked
http://aaaa--/me worked
http://aaaaaa--/me bug! :)

Afer a long chat with F full of usless URLs i found a list a URLs which courses the bug:


So the trick was to place the /me at the right position. It must be on a position like 8 + n*8. Very simple ;)

I wrote my test results to the meebo support and got this very unusual response:

Can't believe you solved this mystery! We had two other people write in about the link not being correct when clicking on the url. But we weren't able to reproduce this issue. Now with the results of your tests, along with the links the other two users emailed,
we were able to consistently repro it. Seems like it only occurs within firefox.

A bug report was created with all the info you've provided. Hopefully, our developers will be able to solve this one soon. Very unusual.
The bug is not fixed jet. I guess this will take a while ;)

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