Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Show Full Sender Email-Address in Thunderbird

Thunderbird only shows the name or the prefix of an email address. I think this is a shame but anyway I found a tool how fixes this issue: Show Address.
Unfortunately you can't install it with the current Thunderbird version. But here is a trick to get it running anyway:

  • Download show_address-0.0.4-tb.xpi
  • Rename show_address-0.0.4-tb.xpi to and unpack it
  • Change in install.rdf em:maxVersion="2.0" to em:maxVersion="2.9"
  • Install it
To complicated?
I just got a mail from the developer of the add-on. You can get a new version easy on his homepage. It produces some nasty errors in the JavaScript log, so it's not on the mozilla page, but it works just fine.

You can fix the JavaScript errors if you open content/showaddress.js and remove or comment out line 287:
this.wrapped_view.getRowProperties( index , properties );
It's useless anyway...

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